Friday, December 19, 2008

New Babies!

I love new babies as they come into the world. My cousin had a baby girl on Dec. 18 and she is amazing. Willow is her name is she is named after my grandfather (Wilbur) because Heather and I were both reallly really close to our grandpa. Greatest man ever.

Anyway, I love all the new babies that are coming into my life. Cousing Danielle had Carter on Sept. 23 at 7am ish...later that day my cousin Stephanie had baby Johnny at 6ish. Then on December 18 another baby only this time a baby girl.

I can't wait to be a great aunt to a couple more children! Maybe my life was meant to be the greatest aunt ever! I can't hardly stay away from all of my nieces and nephews. I have two more of them coing over tomorrow morning. 16 year old Kaylie and 10 year old Mackenzie. Love them both too!!

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