Monday, December 1, 2008

The Holidays with the family

With Thanksgiving come and gone, it sure was nice to spend time with my nieces and nephews. For anyone that knows me knows that I am "Aunt Shell" to everyone. My nieces and nephews, my friends children and even some of the children of my co-workers. It's a role I adore and can't imagine my life without all the wonderful little smiles that have blessed my life. Look at two of my nephews below...they both tried to fit in the fire truck and it just didn't work. Cameran is getting so big and Khayd just wants to do whatever his big brother wants to do...therefore see below. Shortly after this, Cameran asked me if I liked Scooby Doo and asked me if I would go lay down and watch with him. How exciting for me...taking a nap, watching Scooby Doo AND getting to hang out with my favorite little man in the whole universe! What a great holiday Thanksgiving turned out to be.

My first Christmas tree in the new house. Even though I am not a huge fan of Christmas, I was really excited to put my tree up. This is the earliest I have ever put my tree up in the year. It's nothing special but it's sure nice to have it up in a house that has room for one! I even put lights up outside the house on the trees. I have a little more to do but can't wait to take a picture with all the lights up. I've never decorated the outside of a house before.
OK...and to get to some good stuff...I read another blog this week about the kiss in Twilight was the best kiss ever. I would second's a tie in my world with that and the kiss from The Notebook. I can't wait to see Twilight again. I've already seen it twice and would like to see it again. Does that make me addicted. I hope so because I completely am addicted. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do once the movie is no longer showing in theaters, it's not on DVD yet and New Moon isn't out. That leaves a void. What does a girl do???? Can someone please find me the answer because watching trailers for Twilight is good but I'm not sure it will get me through for a year. Any other Twilighters have an answer?
Oh...and Notre Dame. As Die hard as I am...I couldn't stand watching another minute of a lackluster season at best. Growing up a Cubs fan, I understand a struggling season now and then but Notre Dame has been playing more like a intramural team instead of the team that you grow up expecting to see year after year. Can't wait to see what the off season brings. Guess it's time for basketball. I guess that's one team that I can say GO IRISH to and feel good about.
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